"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Judge Rosenberg for his help in settling this recent lawsuit. It was a complex and contentious legal dispute. He was able to quickly understand the complex issues involved in thecase, and was able to create a safe and productive environment for me and my client to discuss our differences with the opposing counsel. With Judge Rosenberg's help, we were able to reach a settlement that was fair, reasonable, and took the parties' unique circumstances into consideration. I would highly recommend Judge Rosenberg for mediation."

"The Honorable Gerald Rosenberg has been, and continues to be, nothing short of an absolute pleasure to work with. His professionalism and skills as a mediator are rivaled by few, equaled by none, and command respect without ever demanding it of either party. We look forward to working with him again in the near future and would like to thank ADR Services, Inc. for making our prior encounters with Judge Rosenberg possible."

"It is always an absolute pleasure dealing with your company. Your staff is always, friendly, helpful and professional. Judge Rosenberg is absolutely excellent as are any other of the neutrals I have used through your company. I prefer your company over any other dispute resolution service that is available."

"If only there was an option for more than 5 stars! Judge Rosenberg was excellent! He was very knowledgeable, well prepared and professional. He was able to use a number of different strategies to keep the parties talking and to lessen the divide between two very divergent valuations of the case. He did a phenomenal job resolving a difficult and contentious matter when both sides had come to believe that mediation would be futile. I would highly recommend Judge Rosenberg for any future mediation or neutral services!"

"Judge Rosenberg's calm, personable, and seasoned demeanor was just what we needed."

"Judge Rosenberg was a pleasure-well prepared; balanced demeanor; very knowledgeable; very effective communicator and neutral."

"Judge Rosenberg is one of the best neutrals I have ever used. He settled 3/3 complicated cases in one day. He spends time doing the work to be prepared, he asks important questions when necessary, and he allows both the Plaintiff and the Defendant to feel heard. He provides insight that is essential in getting some of these complicated cases to resolve and he handles all follow-ups and makes himself available, which is so appreciated."

"Judge Rosenberg is a great mediator and we feel lucky that he agreed to mediate Postmates' mediation day! We had a great experience. Judge Rosenberg and his team are the best, and I have heard from my client, adjuster, and opposing counsel how happy they are with the services provided! Thanks to the whole team for a great mediation day!"

"Judge Rosenberg was incredibly effective. The client was thrilled! I am so impressed with Judge Rosenberg and Chelsea. They are an incredible team and my client/carrier are thrilled!"

​"Judge Rosenberg was excellent; he came recommended to me, and I will highly recommend him to others."

​"Judge Rosenberg was terrific."

​"Super impressive with Judge Rosenberg! Would definitely use him again and recommend him to others."​​

​"Judge Rosenberg has always been one of the more thorough, thoughtful, and innovative mediators I have worked with. His pre-mediation workup is second-to-none, and he is willing to go an extra mile beyond the session to assure that all parties are heard during the process."

"Judge Rosenberg was amazing to work with. I have mediated thousands of cases and he was amazing."

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