Medical Malpractice

​​​​​​​​​Representative Cases

  • Claim of lack of informed consent regarding a dental procedure.

  • A foreign metal object was found embedded in the skin of the surgical area performed by Defendant four years prior.

  • Plaintiff filed suit for medical malpractice claiming that while Defendant doctors operated on his right leg they kept his left leg in the lithotomy position for over 8 hours resulting in permanent injury to that leg.

  • Plaintiff alleges medical malpractice based on Defendants’ performance of a surgical procedure on his nose. Plaintiff alleges he only consented to laser surgery to shrink his nasal mucous membranes and a partial removal of the tip of his uvula. Plaintiff instead underwent extensive surgical procedures beyond the laser surgery and partial removal of his uvula. Plaintiff alleges that he did not consent to procedures to remove his nasal turbinate and the procedure to totally remove his uvula and soft palate.

  • Plaintiffs are the surviving heirs of decedent who was presented to Defendant for treatment with symptoms of abdominal pain, GI bleed, hematemesis and deep vein thrombosis. Decedent was admitted to the hospital. Defendants allegedly failed to investigate the cause of decedent’s gastrointestinal bleed and continuing drop in hemoglobin levels through diagnostic testing, including, but not limited to, a CT scan. Due to their joint failure to diagnose the cause, decedent’s underlying condition was not treated. As a result, decedent died secondary to cardiac arrest and deep vein thrombosis.

  • Plaintiff was admitted to the Defendant hospital for treatment. During his hospitalization, a cardiac biopsy was obtained with cardiac sarcoidosis. Plaintiff alleges Defendants were negligent in failing to disclose the diagnosis of cardiac sarcoidosis or to treat him for that condition.

  • Medical malpractice claim against the hospital for allowing the patient to walk on a misdiagnosed though rare foot condition called Charcot Foot.

  • Plaintiffs’ daughter died after undergoing anesthesia for breast implants. Plaintiffs’ daughter died of malignant hyperthermia.

  • Plaintiff alleges that Defendant provided negligent post-operative care to him after an unsuccessful kidney transplant surgery.

  • Plaintiff underwent cataract surgery performed by Defendant. During the surgery, lens material broke off and was left behind in Plaintiff’s retina. To correct and remove this problem, Plaintiff underwent another surgery performed by a second Defendant.

  • Plaintiff underwent spinal surgery and because of Defendants’ malpractice, Plaintiff suffered from paralysis due to the surgery. Plaintiff is now a partial quadriplegic.

  • Plaintiff is suing on behalf of herself and the decedent who died due to complications arising from a lap band surgery performed by Defendants. Defendants are the subjects of a federal criminal investigation.

  • Plaintiff underwent a bilateral mastopexcy and bilateral breast reduction performed by Defendant Doctor at the Defendant Surgical Center. The procedure was negligently performed, and Plaintiff suffered severe scarring, grossly infected tissue and required subsequent repair surgery.