• Subrogation claim arising out of the defective construction and installation of the wrong fire prevention sprinkler.

  • Action against insurance carrier for fire damage to Plaintiff’s home.

  • Plaintiff’s insured owned certain residential property in the canyon near Mulholland Drive. Defendant was hired to build a retaining wall on the property and did so negligently. As a result, Plaintiff’s insured was required to demolish and rebuild the wall. The insured submitted a claim for the negligently built wall, which Plaintiff accepted. Plaintiff now proceeds against the Defendant for recovery of the cost of the wall.

  • Plaintiffs suffered property damage to their residence due to a failed city sewer line and a faulty backwater valve on the property. Plaintiffs allege Defendant denied their claim for breach of their insurance agreement. Defendant denied the claim on grounds that the source of the water intrusion was outside of the plaintiff’s residence. Plaintiffs argue the claim was improperly denied, because the water intrusion would not have occurred into their home were it not for the failed backwater valve, which was located on their property.

  • Plaintiff was involved in a car accident with a non-party whose insurance did not cover all of Plaintiff’s damages. Plaintiff collected $100,000 from that carrier. In this action, Plaintiff is now seeking an additional $100,000 from his underinsured motorist policy with Defendant.

  • Plaintiff’s mother’s home was damaged by a fire. At the time of the fire, Plaintiff’s mother was deceased. Plaintiff filed an insurance claim with Defendants for damage arising from the fire. Plaintiff alleges that Defendants wrongfully adjusted the claim and violated their fiduciary duty. Plaintiff alleges Defendants misrepresented portions of the claim process, fraudulently induced Plaintiff to sign a restoration services agreement, and deceived Plaintiff regarding its right to claim additional living expenses. Plaintiff contends Defendants improperly adjusted her claim in bad faith.

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