• Dissolution of partnership resulting in a license for life for a limited use of a patent owned by the partnership.

  • Dispute by doctors over the accounting of monies generated from the operation of a jointly owned surgery center.

  • Dispute between 3 sisters over the sale of their deceased father’s property in Malibu.

  • Dissolution and accounting action between 4 brothers who owned motels.

  • Action filed by 5 of 6 siblings against their older brother who took control of their parents’ assets including 4 parcels of real property. The eldest brother claimed that according to the law of his culture, he is entitled to all the property from their parents.

  • Plaintiff and Defendants are all shareholders of a deposition service company. To coerce Plaintiff to sell his one-third interest in the company for less than its true value, Defendants refused to make shareholder distributions. By failing to make the distributions, Defendants deprived Plaintiff of funds necessary for the support of himself and his family. Plaintiff filed an action seeking dissolution of the corporation, as well as damages arising from Defendants’ breaches of fiduciary duty.

  • Plaintiffs and Defendants formed several corporations to enter into food-related franchise agreements. Plaintiffs and Defendants also entered into a partnership agreement to develop new franchises in Los Angeles and New Orleans. Defendants entered into a food-related franchise development agreement with a non-party to develop a restaurant in one of the areas covered by the partnership agreement between Plaintiffs and Defendants. Plaintiffs allege that Defendants violated the noncompete provision of the agreement.

Partnership Dissolution

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