• Dispute between attorneys over the fees generated from handling a personal injury contingent fee.

  • Plaintiff provided legal services to Defendant. Defendant failed to pay for those services and publicly accused Plaintiff of being a thief who stole Defendant’s money. Plaintiff sued for his fees and for defamation. Defendant filed a claim for malpractice.

  • Petitioner provided legal services to Defendant in connection with her marital dissolution proceeding. The parties entered into a retainer agreement. Respondent failed to pay for legal services rendered in the amount of $400,000. The retainer agreement contains an arbitration provision applicable to the parties’ failure to pay for the legal services.

  • Plaintiff is suing as assignee of a medical provider who treated Defendant’s client in connection with a prior personal injury lawsuit. The prior lawsuit settled, and Defendant failed to pay the medical lien due to Plaintiff’s assignor. Plaintiff filed an action for recovery on the lien.

  • Plaintiff previously represented Defendant in a lawsuit involving the death of Defendant’s pet at a veterinary hospital. Plaintiff represented Defendant pursuant to a limited representation agreement that limited Plaintiff’s participation in the litigation: Plaintiff was to serve as trial counsel. The action settled after several days of pre-trial proceedings. Plaintiff received two settlement checks payable to Plaintiff’s client trust account. Plaintiff alleges he has an attorney’s lien over the settlement funds and claims $80,000 in unpaid fees. Defendant disputes Plaintiff’s fees.

  • Plaintiff served as a consultant for Defendant on a construction defect dispute involving Defendant’s Arizona properties. Plaintiff alleges Defendant failed to pay her in accordance with their agreement and sought $350,000 in damages. Defendant responded claiming Plaintiff's "consulting" services were in fact legal services. Defendant asserts Plaintiff's performance of these services was the unlicensed practice of law in that Plaintiff is not a licensed attorney in Arizona.

Fee Disputes

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