• Claim that the attorney failed to advise the client when the statute of limitations would run.

  • Legal malpractice dispute regarding an underlying family law matter.

  • Plaintiffs allege that Defendants committed legal malpractice when they negligently represented them in a prior action. The prior action involved a collectible claim for breach of contract.

  • Plaintiff alleges legal malpractice against Defendants. Defendants represented Plaintiff in a prior lawsuit concerning a failed real estate deal. According to Plaintiff, Defendants committed legal malpractice by suing the wrong party and pursuing other improper litigation tactics.

  • Plaintiff hired Defendant to represent her in a legal malpractice case against another attorney. Plaintiff alleges that Defendant mishandled her case against the prior attorney and misrepresented the nature and cost of his legal services. Further, Plaintiff alleges that Defendant breached the retainer agreement when he refused to draft an opposition to a demurrer, filed a First Amended Complaint, failed to obtain entry of default against the prior attorney, and failed to keep Plaintiff informed about the status of the case.

  • Plaintiff retained Defendant as her attorney to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Plaintiff was facing foreclosure on her property and wanted to file the bankruptcy in hopes of saving her home. Plaintiff alleges that no automatic stay was in place after Defendant attempted unsuccessfully to properly file a bankruptcy petition. As a result, Plaintiff lost her property in foreclosure.

  • Plaintiffs sued former counsel for professional negligence and breach of contract. Defendants were retained to represent Plaintiffs in a prior federal action which sought to impose alter ego liability against Plaintiffs for an outstanding judgment. Plaintiffs allege Defendants negligently represented them in the prior federal action in numerous ways, including failure to assert the statute of limitations, failure to raise the defense of an arbitration agreement and failure to raise the bankruptcy stay of the judgment debtor in the federal action.

  • Claim for legal malpractice and fraud wherein Plaintiff contends that a group of attorneys conspired to overcharge him for incompetent work.

  • Claim against a defense attorney after a jury returned a verdict of $1 million against him.

  • Claim against a personal injury attorney for delaying the filing of an action which caused the claim to be barred by the statute of limitations.

  • Claim against attorney for failing to raise all defenses to a fraud claim.

  • Plaintiff is suing as the successor-in-interest of her deceased husband. Plaintiff alleges that her husband, as a silent partner and investor in a financial company, hired Defendant attorney to prepare and file a bankruptcy petition on behalf of the financial company. The work was never done and Plaintiff claims malpractice against Defendant.

  • Plaintiffs hired Defendant to represent them in litigation. Plaintiffs allege Defendant breached her duties under the retainer agreement and failed to inform Plaintiffs of the status of their case, failed to appear at hearings and failed to expeditiously litigate the matter.

Legal Malpractice

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